Here we post press coverage, videos, drawings, and documents to help you understand and support the need for wake boat regulation in Vermont.

Press Coverage:
Popp: Wake boat policy considerations, Rutland Herald, November 27, 2023
Wake boats and their waves are getting larger, more powerful, VTDigger, October 25, 2023
Wake boat impact, Rutland Herald, October 24, 2023
Wake boats oc­cupy Glover Se­lect Board, Barton Chronicle, September 24, 2023
Wake boats and wave physics, Times-Argus, September 15, 2023
Wake boats, the ANR, and the Water Resources Board, VTDigger, September 15, 2023
Wake Boats Destroy Community, VTDigger, September 13, 2023
Managing Wake Boats in Vermont, WDEV radio, September 7, 2023
An Open Letter to Julie Moore, Caledonian-Record, September 9, 2023
On the Wake, Seven Days, August 30, 2023
State needs to lead the way on regulating wake boats, VTDigger, August 30, 2023
Forbid wake boats in Vermont, or limit them to a large buffer, VTDigger, August 29, 2023
Proposed wake boat rule won’t do the job, VTDigger, August 23, 2023
The insanity of fossil-fuel-gobbling recreation, VTDigger, August 20, 2023
A 1,000-foot setback in Vermont is better for wake boats, VTDigger, August 9, 2023
Wake boat opponents urge state officials to toughen proposed rules, VTDigger, August 2, 2023
The great wake boat debate: Public to weigh in on proposed regulations, Vermont Public, August 1, 2023
Wake Up: Four Letters to the Editor, Seven Days, July 27, 2023 (scroll down)
Wake boats are a threat to our lakes and ponds, VT Digger, July 26, 2023
Wake boat rule would favor the few while restricting the many, VTDigger, July 23, 2023
Wake Boats: Aquatic Wrecking Balls, cartoon, Rutland Herald, July 19, 2023
If Loons Could Talk, Montpelier Bridge, July 11, 2023
Why give wake boat owners control of most of our lakes?, VTDigger, July 7, 2023
For wake boats, 1000 feet of separation is right, VTDigger, July 6, 2023
Final public meetings on wake boat regulations, Barton Chronicle, July 5, 2023
Most Vermont lakes need protection from the impact of wake boats, VTDigger, July 5, 2023
• David Deen: Wake boat Regulation, Times-Argus, July 4, 2023
Wake Boats Threaten Caspian Lake and Must be Prohibited, Greensboro Association News, June 29, 2023
It’s time for an outright ban on wake boats in Vermont, News & Citizen, June 29, 2023
1000 feet is right for wake boats, Caledonian Record, July 1, 2023
Wake boats are not only a nuisance, but a detriment, Deerfield Valley News, June 30, 2023
Wake boats offer a choice between ‘bad’ and ‘really bad’, VTDigger, June 27, 2023
Peter Shea: Fishing vs. wake boats, Manchester Journal, June 24, 2023
Wake Boat Issue Continues to Make Waves in Westmore, Newport Daily Express, June 21, 2023
New Proposed Wake Boat Rules Edge Toward a Compromise, Seven Days, June 20, 2023
Who Owns Vermont Lakes? Rutland Herald, May 19, 2023
Wake boats are a genuine threat to paddlers, VTDigger, May 5, 2023
Wake boats damage our beautiful lakes & ponds, Deerfield Valley News, April 20, 2023
NEK-TV Discussion of Wake Boats, April 17, 2023
Preserving Lake Raponda, Brattleboro Reformer, April 15, 2023
Act now to save our lakes from wake boats, VTDigger, April 12, 2023
Caution is vital in setting rules to regulate wake boats, VTDigger, April 9, 2023
What a Wake Boat Did to Our Dock, VTDigger, April 1, 2023
Wake Boats and the Taking of Our Vermont Waters, VTDigger, March 27, 2023
Campaign for Vermont TV Interview, March 20, 2023
Vermont moves to restrict wake boats, Vermont Public, March 14, 2023
Protect our waters from wake boats, Barton Chronicle, March 12, 2023, page 5.
Wake Boats on Lake Iroquois, Vermont Citizen, February 23, 2023
Wake boats are too big for Vermont lakes, VT Digger, February 23, 2023
Wake boats draw a crowd, Barton Chronicle, February 21, 2023
Rule would ban wake boats on Lake Raponda, Deerfield Valley News
Wake Boat Opponents Pack Vermont Hearing on Regulation, Seven Days
Vermont considers regulating wake boats, WVNY, February 16
At public meeting on proposed wake boat regulations, many call for stricter limits, VTDigger
Vermonters chime in on proposed wake boat rules, WCAX
VTDigger, February 15, 2023
VTDigger, February 14, 2023
Newport Daily Express, February 13, 2023
VTDigger, February 11, 2023
Rutland Herald, February 11, 2023
Vermont Viewpoint, WDEV, February 9, 2023
VTDigger February 8, 2023
Barton Chronicle February 8, 2023 (page 4)
Valley News, February 7, 2023
WLVB Radio, February 3, 2023
Sidenote News, Thetford, February 5, 2023
Manchester Journal January 19, 2023

Wake Boat Damage on Lake Raponda, Vermont

See the impact wake boats are having on Wisconsin’s inland lakes (video), Milwaukee Journal, August 2023
Wake Boats Educational Handout

RWVL Picture Story Book

Wake Boats and Anglers

Wake Surfing Swamps Fishermen

Interview on Campaign for Vermont, March 20, 2023

RWVL Presentation
Video from Washington State
Critique of Wake Surf Industry Claims

Sky Spirit Swallows the Sun
What would Sky Spirit do with a wake boat?

Photo courtesy of Christine Cano at Shadow Lake in Glover

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