The End’s in Sight — Possible LCAR Vote on Final Rule Thursday 

The Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules’ (LCAR) second (and presumably final) meeting on the Agency of Natural Resources’ (ANR) Final Wake Boat Rule is scheduled for Thursday, February 8, at 8:00 AM. LCAR’s sole task at this point is to hold public hearings to determine whether the ANR has correctly followed the legislatively established petition process in establishing its final wake boat management rule. You may view the agenda for this second meeting here.  To livestream that meeting, click here.

LCAR’s first meeting regarding this rule was held on February 1.  To view the video of last week’s LCAR meeting, click here.  Responsible Wakes for Vermont Wakes (RWVL) provided testimony at that meeting.  You may also be interested to read VT Digger’s Government & Politics follow-up piece entitled, “Final Reading: Lawmakers review proposed wake boat rules.

In supporting the ANR’s weak rule, RWVL has requested that two concerns be addressed in its Final Rule. First, we have asked that the ANR clarify that when there are conflicts between uses, it resolves those conflicts by giving deference to “normal uses” as defined in Section 5.6 of the Use of Public Waters rules “as any lawful use . . . that occurred on a regular, frequent and consistent basis prior to January 1, 1993.”  Second, we have asked that the definition of “wake boat” in ANR’s rule be broadened to include additional technologies and designs to enhance wakes currently in use or to be developed in the future by the boating industry. 

Even though RWVL supports adoption of the ANR rule, our work is not done.  We pledge to continue to do all we can to protect and preserve Vermont’s lakes and ponds from the adverse impacts of wake boats and wake sports by supporting individual lake petitions, by monitoring wake boat use under the ANR’s new rule, and by seeking legislation to secure equitable protection for all of Vermont’s lakes and ponds.  

Thank you in advance for your continued support. 

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