Talking Points for February 15

The Department of Environmental Conservation will be taking public commentary on its draft rule for the management of wakeboats on Vermont lakes on February 15, 2023. The meeting will take place from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Highland Center for the Arts, 2875 Hardwick Street, Greensboro, Vermont, and also online. We hope, that as a supporter of Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes, that you will sign up to comment in support of the rule. Your comment can be made in person or virtually. This document provides some talking points that you might use to organize your two-minute commentary.

If you wish to comment, you must register by signing up in advance on the DEC website .

RWVL supports the DEC’s draft rule, but wants to see it made stronger by increasing the required distance from shore to 1000 feet.

Talking points

Start by identifying yourself, your lake and your involvement with it. Then make it clear that you strongly support the rule drafted by DEC, and recommend it be made stronger by increasing the distance-from-shore requirement to 1,000 feet.

Next, consider offering a brief personal story relating to your lake experience and your concern about wake boat activity and lake protection. Did you witness harmful wake boating wave impacts on the shoreline? Did you experience personal property or public safety issues? Have wake boats disturbed your enjoyment of aquatic recreation?

Finally, describe how the lack of wakeboat regulation might affect your future enjoyment of the lake, and the future value of any lakefront property. Close with the importance of clean, safe clear lakes future generations’ enjoyment of the natural environment.

Close by thanking the DEC for their leadership in drafting this rule, and for providing this opportunity to comment on how it might be strengthened.

RWVL suggests the following regarding attendance at the February 15 DEC public meeting:

• Bring friends and relatives with you to attend the meeting. A family or group presence is ideal. We anticipate that the boating industry may try to pack the house in opposition, so we need all the responsible wake supporters we can to show up.

• Bring young people: children, neighbors, and friends. Hearing from youth voices is critical as they are the future generation to inherit and care for our lakes and ponds.

• Remain courteous during the meeting.

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