Rally and Hearing August 1

Sign-ups open on Monday morning

Join fellow lake-lovers at the Richmond Library on Tuesday, August 1 to help support and strengthen the Department of Environmental Conservation’s proposed rule to restrict wakeboats. We’ll meet for a rally nearby at 4:00 PM, then walk over to the Library for the 5:00 hearing. You’ll hear eyewitness testimony from Vermonters who have experienced the worst effects of these new and powerful boats, enjoy some ice cream, and become a part of a major environmental advance for Vermont. Without a massive show of public support at this hearing, we will not get a strong rule to protect our lakes.

Credit: Terry J. Allen

To help in this effort, RWVL would like you to:

  1. Set the date of August 1 aside on your calendar.
  2. Sign up to speak at the hearing.
  3. Send a written comment about the rule.
  4. Prepare to participate in the rally.

How to Sign Up to Speak
at the August 1 public hearing

We need as many folks as possible to sign up early for a speaking slot at the August 1 in-person public hearing in Richmond at 5:00 PM. Even if you have spoken or commented previously, you need to repeat for it to be entered into the public record. Speaking slots are just two minutes long, and RWVL is happy to assist you in preparing your remarks.

But first you need to sign up to get one of the 60 speaking slots that are available. Our goal is to fill these with supporters of strong wakeboard regulation. 

Here’s how to sign up:

1. Get up early on July 10. At 9:00 AM…

2. Connect to the Department of Environmental Conservation rulemaking page at https://dec.vermont.gov/watershed/lakes-ponds/rulemaking.

3. Scroll down to the Public Hearing row in the table.

4. Follow the instructions to go to the Sign-up Sheets.

5. Follow the instructions to sign up for a speaking slot.

We expect that DEC will receive more than 60 requests to speak, so you may not be chosen. Nonetheless, you will be able to submit a written comment, up until August 10. Please email us at info@responsiblewakes.org for assistance with this, or text or call us at 508-904-0749.

How to write and submit a written comment
on the proposed rule

We need as many folks as possible to submit a written comment on the final rule, between now and August 10. Even if you have spoken or commented previously, you need to repeat for it to be entered into the public record. The most useful comments are short, concise, personal, and to the point. RWVL is happy to assist you in preparing your comments.

Here are some ideas:

• First, introduce yourself with your name, the lake you enjoy, and any other information that lets ANR know who you are.

• Second, make it clear that you are writing to support the proposed rule, but also to strengthen it. If you want to ban wakeboats completely, write that down. If you want to keep them 1000 feet from shore, as RWVL proposes, let that be known.

• Third, tell ANR why these boats need to be regulated. The more personal and heartfelt your reasons, the better. Consider including a mix of environmental, public safety, and recreational reasons. You’ll find inspiration at the You’ll find inspiration at the RWVL web site, especially on the FAQ, the Science, and the Testimony pages.

• Fifth, close with a summary of what you support, such as,

– I support the proposed rule, but want to see it strengthened to 1000 feet; or

– If we can’t ban wakeboats altogether, then I support the 1000-foot offset.

Your comments should be short, less than 250 words. If you’d like editorial assistance, send a draft to info@responsiblewakes.org and we will assist you.

Send your written comments via email to the Agency of Natural Resources at any time, with Wake Boats in the subject line, to anr.wsmdlakes@vermont.gov . Make sure you send it early enough to arrive by August 10, 2023, at 4:30pm

Send a copy of your emailed comment to info@responsiblewakes.org, and we will send you an official RWVL lapel pin.

How to prepare for the rally.

  1. Arrange a carpool of friends and neighbors to drive to Richmond.
  2. Print an RWVL sign, staple it to a yardstick, and take it to the rally.
  3. Make a banner for your favorite lake, to display at the rally.
  4. Take a prop to the rally, such as a paddle, a lifejacket, a swim buoy, a fishing pole, a floaty, a dock line, or a small kayak.

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