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  • RWVL Responds to DEC’s Draft Rule for Wakeboat Regulation

    Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes (RWVL) applauds and supports the decision by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to move forward with rulemaking and establish a new Public Water Use Rule, thereby recognizing the importance of protecting our inland lakes and ponds. RWVL strongly supports the rule drafted by DEC and recommends its further strengthening…

  • Vermont is Not Alone

    Vermont is not alone in recognizing that science, experience, and good sense provide a strong basis for requiring wake boats to operate significantly farther from shore than the 500 feet proposed in the DEC’s draft rule. As the examples below illustrate, counties, towns, and lake authorities in states around the country have restricted wake boats to distances from shore significantly greater than 500 feet. Some have banned wake…

  • Forward…Though Not Far Enough

    We have some very good news for you. But we still have some work to do.  The good news: The Department of Environmental Conservation is moving forward to recommend a rule to manage wakeboats on Vermont’s lakes and ponds. This process began with RWVL’s petition of March 2022 and gained speed through the support of…

  • Wisconsin Examines Wake Boats

    Wisconsin residents are asking for action on the problems caused by wake boats. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Public concerns about damage caused by wake boats in Wisconsin have resulted in requests by Natural Resources Board members for action, including new laws, to address the issues.” Read more in the Milwaukee newspaper.

  • Wake Boats Banned in Oregon

    Oregon has recently banned wake sports from a long stretch of the newly-cleaned up Willamette River. A ten-minute video from Oregon Public Radio describes how they did it, and why. Click the link below to watch the video. As Portland’s Willamette River gets cleaner, it’s also getting overcrowded

  • Wake-surfing banned, waterskiing limited in 10 miles of Willamette

    According to the Oregon Statesman Journal, wake surfing will be prohibited in the entire 10 miles of the river from Waverly Marina upstream to Willamette Falls. The reason the activity is targeted is due to the size of the wave created and the impact it can have in a narrow stretch of the river with…

  • RWVL meets with ANR

    Members of the RWVL leadership team have been meeting met with Oliver Pierson and his team of the Lakes and Ponds Division of the Department of Environmental Conservation. All are working together to move forward with a rule to regulate wake surfing on Vermont’s inland lakes.